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  • 100+ FAANG SQL Interview Questions
  • 50+ FAANG Python Interview Questions (Algorithms and Dataframes)
  • 20+ Real World Data Modeling Exercises
  • End to End FAANG Data Engineering projects (AWS, AZURE, GCP)
  • 10+ System Design Interview Questions

Build a Career in Data Engineering With In-Demand Skills, all our courses include:

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Coursework related to SQL, Python, AWS, Data Modeling, and System Design.

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Receive feedback from course creators and FAANG engineers in real time.


Connect with peers, senior data engineers, and hiring managers in the data industry.

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Real world projects


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System Design


Data Modeling


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Your skill set after the course

Data Engineers make data usable and are essential to the field of Data Science. In this Career Path, you’ll learn how to create robust and resilient data pipelines to connect data sources to analytics tools.

Immerse yourself in real end to end hands-on data engineer projects that mimic real-world business scenarios. Not only will you enhance your practical knowledge, but you’ll also amass a strong portfolio that’s invaluable when preparing for job interviews.

Begin your learning experience and become a data engineer now with DE Academy courses curated to land your dream job.

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Data Engineer


Power BI


  • SQL tutorials and Interview Questions to pass the Data Engineering Interview
  • Programming with Python and build data architecture to support organizations’ data strategy
  • Data Modeling questions to prepare you for product based questions while learning how to create fact and dimensional tables
  • Managing data pipelines and data processes to ensure correct implementation of your data architecture
  • Using data wrangling to clean, reshape, and unify multiple datasets and large amounts of data
  • Automating tasks to optimize the entire data workflow using cloud tools such as AWS, GCP and Azure
  • Excellent communications, a solutions-focused approach, and the development of professional documentation

$94,000- $150,000 / year

Average salaries (US) according to Glassdoor, Indeed, TechCrunch, GitHub,

Become a Certified Data Engineer

Data Engineer Academy certifications help you stand out, confirming your mastery and making you a highly demanded professional in the industry.

You will receive a personalized certificate, enhancing your resume and shareable on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook

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What is DE Academy?

DE Academy is created by FAANG data engineers with decades of experience in hiring, managing, and training data engineers at FAANG companies. We know that it can be overwhelming to follow advice from reddit, google, or online certificates, so we’ve condensed everything that you need to learn data engineering while ALSO studying for the DE interview.

What is the curriculum like?

We understand technology is always changing, so learning the fundamentals is the way to go. You will have many interview questions in SQL, Python Algo and Python Dataframes (Pandas). From there, you will also have real life Data modeling and System Design questions. Finally, you will have real life AWS tools where you will get exposure to 30+ tools that are relevant to today’s industry.

How is DE Academy different from other courses?

DE Academy is not a traditional course, but rather emphasizes practical, hands-on learning experiences. The curriculum of DE Academy is developed in collaboration with industry experts and professionals. We know how to start your data engineering journey while ALSO studying for the job interview. We know it’s best to learn from real world projects that take weeks to complete instead of spending years with masters, certificates, etc.

Do you offer any 1-1 help?

Yes, we provide personal guidance, resume review, negotiation help and much more to go along with your data engineering training to get you to your next goal. If interested, reach out to [email protected]

What is the premium subscription?

The premium subscription is the best data engineering courses combined with the best data engineer interview prep questions – be the first to receive updates of any new materials and any helpful interviewing tips.

Does DE Academy offer certification upon completion?

Currently we do not offer a certificate upon completion of our 1-1 data engineering program – however, that is in the works.

What is the best way to learn data engineering?

The best way is to learn from the best data engineering courses while also studying for the data engineer interview.

Is it hard to become a data engineer?

Any transition in life has its challenges, but taking a data engineer online course is easier with the proper guidance from our FAANG coaches.

What are the job prospects for data engineers?

The data engineer job role is growing rapidly, as can be seen by google trends, with an entry level data engineer earning well over the 6-figure mark.

What are some common data engineer interview questions?

SQL and data modeling are the most common, but learning how to ace the SQL portion of the data engineer interview is just as important as learning SQL itself.

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